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  • Project Engineering and Management Support Services
    Subweld can provide a complete team of highly qualified and trained expatriate and local engineers to manage entire project. We, together with our foreign and local technical partners possess combine years of technical experience and utilizes our experience to source trained engineers capable of project management.
  • Resources / Personnel
    A core subweld staff complemented by our widespread partners and alliance personnel retained over several years in various strategic locations around the world and Nigeria allows us to build up quickly to handle projects of intensive capital. Our key staffs are professionals in their fields who are degree qualified, possessing necessary industry professional qualification and certification accomplished around the globe.
    Project teams are established mainly from a database of Subweld. They are tested, trusted personnel with several years of experience in their chosen field. To complement our database, we enjoyed shared stream of personnel through database sharing arrangement with our technical partners.
  • Project Management Support Services
    Cost and scheduling engineering, provision of job control and management reports. We provide detailed, definitive estimates for resource planning and control.